How to Choose the Right Custom Windows for Your Home or Business

Window shapes are an important element of a building’s architectural design. They add an artistic flair and can enhance the overall look of a home or business. Custom windows are available in a wide range of geometric styles including curves, angles and rounded designs.

Many of these types of windows are also energy efficient. Some even come with specialized insulated glass options.

AAMA Certification

AAMA certification is a mark of excellence in the window industry. It requires a rigorous testing process and high standards across many different measurements. This certification can help homeowners find the best window installation company for their needs.

In addition to national certifications, a window company should also carry local accreditations. These credentials ensure that the company can provide windows that meet Louisiana’s climate and building code requirements.

In the field of fenestration, manufacturers have been making some notable announcements this month. For example, Andersen announced the release of an E-Series Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This new tool helps customers meet LEED and other green building goals while reducing embodied energy in their projects. It will be available through Andersen’s estimating software, Xactimate.

NFRC Certification

When shopping for replacement windows, energy efficiency should be at the top of your list. One great tool for comparing the energy performance of different products is the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certification label.

The NFRC label provides three to five ratings that show how the window performs. The ratings include U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), Visible Light Transmittance (VT) and optional air leakage and condensation resistance ratings.

ENERGY STAR certified windows have a low U-factor to reduce the amount of heat that escapes your home. They also use an e-coating to reduce heat transfer and are often filled with argon or krypton gas to improve insulation. This helps to lower your energy bills year-round. The NFRC certification also makes these windows more durable, so they’ll stand the test of time.

ENERGY STAR Certification

If you want to reduce your energy bills, consider upgrading your old windows with new ENERGY STAR certified ones. These are independently tested to show how much they lower household energy costs. In addition, you may be eligible for rebates from your local utility company.

ENERGY STAR windows meet rigorous specifications and use technologies that work well in the local climate. You can find ENERGY STAR windows at many home improvement stores. However, the best option is to choose a window replacement specialist that installs ENERGY STAR windows.

ENERGY STAR windows also come with reinforced locks that protect your property from intruders. These locks consist of multiple layers bonded together to resist forceful entry. They’re an excellent choice for Scott homeowners who want to prevent burglaries.

Reinforced Locks

If you have children or live in an area with high crime rates, it may make sense to have your windows reinforced. This will ensure that burglars can’t barge right in with their brute strength. However, it’s important to find a reinforcement lock that can be installed without making your door look like a prison cell.

A good choice would be a steel plate reinforcer, which can be installed on the door frame and is designed to prevent it from being pried open or drilled. It also features a child-safe and tamper-resistant design to protect against break-ins. It can be easily self-installed on any inward-swinging door in a few minutes, and comes with detailed instructions and all the necessary hardware. It can also be used as a secondary security measure alongside your primary deadbolt lock.

Laminated Glass

Unlike standard glass, laminated glass doesn’t shatter. This reduces the threat of injury caused by shards of glass and protects buildings against environmental hazards like debris.

Laminated glass also blocks out noise from traffic or airplanes overhead. This can be an important benefit for homeowners who live near airports or busy streets where noise pollution is a problem.

Another advantage of laminated glass is its low U-Value rating, which can help reduce energy costs in Louisiana’s chilly winters and hot summers. This type of glass reflects heat and sunlight back into the home to reduce air loss. This makes it a great option for energy-efficient homes and commercial spaces like schools or retail stores where maintaining visibility is key for customers to window-shop. Laminated glass is also more durable than standard window and door glass, which makes it a great choice for security.