Window Styles

Aside from aesthetics, you should consider the window’s energy efficiency. A company that offers a NFRC certification is a good choice, as they can provide a comprehensive evaluation of the window’s performance.

Tinted windows reduce glare and harmful UV rays, especially in sunny regions like Louisiana. They are also a great way to add a stylish flair to your home’s design.


There’s nothing quite like the timeless beauty of wood windows. They complement a variety of architectural styles and offer warmth that’s impossible to duplicate. They also resist rot and corrosion, making them a reliable choice for Scott window replacement projects.

Double and single-hung windows are ideal for Scott homes that value a classic aesthetic. They can be customized with decorative glass options for added elegance. Some window companies also offer specialized glass options for enhanced energy efficiency. These options include laminated glass and reinforced locks that prevent unauthorized entry.

Bay and bow windows make a statement with their expansive views and beautiful light. These windows are composed of multiple window frames arranged in an isosceles trapezoid shape. They’re often paired with casement or sliding windows to maximize ventilation and efficiency.

Single Hung

The right windows are a vital part of your home’s energy efficiency, and single hung windows provide superior performance when compared to double-hung windows. However, both window styles have unique benefits and drawbacks.

Single hung windows feature a fixed upper sash and a movable lower sash. They are simple and classic in design, which makes them a great fit for any architectural style. They are also cost effective and energy efficient, helping homeowners save on their heating and cooling costs.

Single hung windows are easy to maintain since the upper sash is fixed, but they are not as safe for children as double-hung windows. This is because gravity can sometimes force the upper sash down, which is a safety issue. However, there are solutions that can make these windows safer for children and easier to clean.


An eclectic style features a variety of different decorating styles. However, it should have at least one common element that brings it all together. Versatile window treatments like plantation shutters are a great choice for an eclectic room because they create interest and complement a wide range of furniture styles.

Early Gothic window tracery developed into rose windows with a wheel-like shape or more intricate flower patterns. This style became popular during the 12th and 13th centuries at Reims Cathedral in France, Laon Cathedral, and other locations across Europe.

Bay and bow windows make a dramatic statement in any home with their curved shapes and expansive review views. Pair them with unique window treatments such as valances or cornices to elevate your home’s design.


For Scott LA homeowners that are restoring or maintaining historic homes, vintage windows are the way to go. Made of wood and often with intricate details like leaded glass, these window styles help preserve the historical integrity of older homes. Typically double-hung, they allow both sashes to open and close independently. Although not the most energy-efficient option, these windows can be easily upgraded to include advanced energy features.

To learn more about this style or other window options available for your home, contact us today. Our team can assist you in finding the perfect window for your Scott home and decor style.

NFRC Certified

When it comes to window replacement, you’ll want to make sure that the new windows you choose are NFRC certified. These certifications serve as a quality stamp and ensure that the windows you purchase meet certain standards for durability, energy efficiency, and safety.

NFRC ratings are determined through a combination of computer modeling and physical testing. They show performance metrics like U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visible Transmittance, and Air Leakage for all the components of a window or skylight. This information helps architects, builders, code officials, and home owners to compare energy efficiency ratings for products. ENERGY STAR is another rating system that uses NFRC ratings to evaluate products. JELD-WEN and Milgard are two brands that offer high-performing windows with NFRC ratings. They also come with reinforced locks for additional protection against unauthorized entry.