How to Choose the Right Bay Windows for Your Home

Bay windows Scott LA

A bay window combines three windows, including one fixed and the others operable. The angled configuration lets in plenty of natural light and adds extra square footage to a room.

James recommends a single set of curtains to avoid restricting sunlight with curtain stacking. He also warns against eyelet curtains and tab-top curtains, arguing that they won’t hold their shape or drape properly.

Double Hung

Bay windows create a unique focal point in your home. They offer impeccable ambiance and light while enhancing your property’s curb appeal. You can choose from several window types, including bow windows and oriel bay windows. The cost of a bay window depends on its size, material, and additional features.

A double hung bay window has two vertical sashes that open and close for optimal ventilation. These windows are easy to clean and maintain, making them popular choices for Scott Louisiana homeowners. If you want to save on energy costs, opt for a window with argon gas and low-e glass. This will reduce heat loss during the winter and increase cooling efficiency in the summer.


With a single frame, casement windows hinge open to the left or right with a crank and are easier to clean than double-hung windows. They also create a tight seal, which minimizes air infiltration.

These window styles offer unobstructed views and ample sunlight and are the perfect choice for wide windows overlooking a breathtaking landscape or bustling city. They are available in various details and customized to align with your aesthetic preferences. Unlike other window types, they don’t have muntins to separate glass panes, which offers a broader outdoor view. This makes them ideal for Scott homeowners looking to enhance their curb appeal.


Protect your outdoor space and furniture from heavy rain, snow, and direct sun rays. Awnings also limit the amount of heat that enters your home and save you money on your cooling costs.

Hinged on one side and open from the other, these windows have a classic look that can enhance your Scott LA home. They are available with many options including contrasting trim, scallops and keyhole valences.

Although aluminum conducts heat these windows now come with thermal breaks to prevent transfer and argon filled sashes for superior energy efficiency in our Scott Louisiana climate. They are a great choice for the budget conscious shopper.


Transom windows have been enjoying a bit of resurgence lately. They are a bonus window that sits above another window or door and provides both light and architectural interest.

They allow in ample natural light that reduces the need for lighting in a foyer and can be glazed with decorative glass or left clear. They are often used above front doors to brighten the entryway and are popular in home offices where attorneys, accountants and consultants meet with clients.

Although most transoms do not open, you can find ones that pivot open like a traditional window. They can also be framed in fan shapes to add further architectural interest.

Vertical Sliding

When it comes to boosting energy efficiency, triple-pane windows are the way to go. By filling the spaces between window panes with argon gas, they keep your home comfortably cool or warm without driving up your energy bills.

They also help to reduce the transfer of heat and noise between your Scott, LA home and the outside environment. Reinforced locks are another window replacement feature that can provide an additional barrier against unauthorized entry.

Combined with casement or awning windows, bay windows create a picturesque effect and can add space for seating on the extended window sills. They are also a great option for restaurant counters, where they can be opened to create an indoor/outdoor service area for customers.


Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any home. They add character and function with a unique space that can be used as a reading nook or window seat. These large windows can also let in more natural light and neighborhood views.

You can choose from a variety of bay window types, including box, oriel and bow. The cost will vary depending on the type of window you choose, its size and the materials it is made from. Vinyl and aluminum are less expensive, but they’re not suited for harsh climates.

If you’re considering installing a bay window, get several quotes to compare costs and features. Installation is a complicated project that requires specialized expertise. A professional can avoid costly mistakes that can lead to high utility bills or water damage.