Why Double Pane Windows Are an Important Part of a Whole House Energy Efficiency Plan

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Double pane windows are an important part of a whole house energy efficiency plan. They help to reduce energy bills by keeping out cold air and allowing the warm air inside.

They also reduce outside noise, which can be a big advantage in urban areas or homes close to busy streets. They can be tinted with a variety of window films for varying degrees of privacy.

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is lessened due to the insulating power of double pane windows. This results in less usage of air conditioning and a reduction in overall energy consumption. This leads to reduced pollution and less pressure on the environment and power grids.

A major benefit of double pane windows is that they are 24% more efficient in winter and 18% more efficient in summer than single-pane windows. This helps reduce utility bills significantly, and also provides a great return on investment when it comes time to sell your home.

These windows are also better insulated against outdoor noise than single-pane windows, which makes them a great choice for homes located near busy streets or construction zones. The thicker glass keeps outside sounds from filtering into your home and spoiling your peace and quiet, and can be a real draw for potential buyers. They are available in a variety of popular styles, including double-hung, casement, and sliding windows.

Noise Reduction

Whether you refer to them as soundproof windows, noise-canceling windows, or something else altogether, they help reduce the amount of outside noise that makes it into your home. The type of window and materials it is made from can affect how effective they are at reducing noise. Heavier materials, like wood or fiberglass, tend to be more effective than lighter materials, such as aluminum. Window size also plays a role, with larger windows generally being more effective than smaller ones.

Double-pane windows feature two panes of glass separated by a space that is filled with inert gas, such as argon, for improved insulation from both noise and weather. Triple-pane windows offer even greater energy efficiency and noise reduction, but are often more expensive than double-pane windows and may not be necessary if you live in a mild climate. Triple-pane windows also provide greater security than double-pane windows and are less prone to damage during storms.

Increased Home Value

Double pane windows are a more expensive option than single-pane windows, but they add to the value of your home and help you save on energy costs. They also reduce noise levels and make your house more insulated.

The insulating space between the two glass panes in double pane windows is filled with an inert gas like argon or krypton, which minimizes heat transfer and improves thermal efficiency. The frame material you choose can also impact the cost of your window replacement.

Double pane windows are popular among homeowners, increasing your home’s resale value if you decide to sell it in the future. However, you should only have your double pane windows installed by a professional. A poor installation job can cause moisture entry points, mold growth, and foggy windows that will require repair. Your contractor should explain the process and provide a timeframe they believe it will take to complete the work. This will ensure you can plan accordingly.

Increased Comfort

Double pane windows provide a better layer of insulation, which lowers your energy bills and makes the rooms in your home more comfortable. They also help to reduce outside noises and prevent the sun’s harmful UV rays from damaging your furnishings and carpets.

Those who have higher incomes are more likely to own double-pane windows, but even those with lower income levels can enjoy the benefits of this window system. The survey found that homeowners in the $100,000-$149,999 range had the highest proportion of positive responses to owning double-pane windows.

When choosing a contractor to perform your window reglazing, make sure they have plenty of experience and can show you references from previous clients. They should be licensed and insured, too. They should also give you a clear timeline for when they will be able to start the project and complete it. This will allow you to plan your day around when they are going to be working at your house.