Window Styles For Your Home

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If your windows are outdated, difficult to operate or causing your energy bills to spike, it may be time to invest in new replacement windows. Energy Star rated window designs like those from Renewal by Andersen boost curb appeal, cleaning convenience and home comfort and help reduce utility costs.

Many different window styles exist, and each has its own unique operating mechanisms and features. Some window styles are also associated with defined architectural styles.

Awning Windows

Similar to casement windows, awning windows open outward from hinges on the top and provide maximum ventilation. They’re ideal for hard-to-reach spots such as above the sink, stairwells, or over doors and can be paired with fixed windows to create a compound window unit. With a simple crank mechanism, awning windows allow for unobstructed views and effortless operation.

Awning windows are also more energy efficient than standard sliding window styles. They have one seal across the frame, making it impossible for air to escape your home—and require less from your HVAC system to keep your house comfortable.

They’re available in vinyl, a lasting material that doesn’t need to be painted and is easy to clean. They’re also available in wood, a natural look that can be stained or painted to match your decor. Both materials offer superior insulation to help keep your home warm and cozy in the winter, and cool and comfortable in the summer.

Bay Windows

Bay and bow windows jut out from your home, creating a beautiful architectural feature that also offers more interior space. The window frame is usually made of wood, vinyl (PVC), aluminum or a composite that blends these materials.

The central window is often fixed, similar to a picture window, while the flanking side windows are operable. They can be set at a 30 to 40-degree angle, which allows more natural light into your home while allowing for ventilation.

They are ideal for living areas, bedrooms or kitchens. The large opening allows you to create a comfortable nook in the corner for relaxing or dining. You can even build a window seat and bench for an elegant addition to your home’s interior. They are an attractive way to showcase special objects or a beautiful landscape that surrounds your home. They’re perfect for bringing in more natural light, which will save you money on your energy bills.

Casement Windows

Open up your home to breezes and expansive views with replacement casement windows. These window types swing open like doors and use a crank handle to open, offering a wide range of ventilation options. They are also easy to operate and can be positioned higher up on walls, making them easier to access than conventional hung window styles.

Because they have to be cranked open, these windows are harder to break into. They also feature a tight seal and secure locking system, providing greater security than other window styles. This is particularly important in high-risk areas of your home, such as bedrooms and kitchens. Their simple design offers a sleek appearance, blending well with any architectural style. They are also available in a variety of materials and finishes to meet your aesthetic preferences. This makes them the perfect choice for homes with more modern looks. Their unique opening mechanism also helps to create a more airtight and energy efficient environment.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows look similar to single hung windows, but allow homeowners to open both the top and bottom sashes. This allows for more ways to generate air flow through the home and helps with energy efficiency.

When opening both sashes halfway, a double-hung window creates an air flow that lets stale, hot air escape and draws in cooler, fresh air. This is why double hung windows are one of the most popular window styles on the market today.

Another benefit of double hung windows is that they are easy to clean and maintain. The sashes move independently and can be tilted inward for easier cleaning. This eliminates the need for a ladder and makes cleaning your windows far more convenient. Most newer double hung windows can also be cleaned from the inside of the home, further simplifying maintenance.