Window Styles For Your Home

Window styles Scott LA

The window style you choose for your home plays an important role in its aesthetic and functionality. Choosing a trusted local company like Scott Window Replacement will ensure the windows you purchase align with local standards for durability, energy efficiency and safety.

Double hung windows are a great option for homes in Lafayette, Louisiana because they can be opened from either the top or bottom. This allows for great ventilation, especially in our humid subtropical climate.


Traditional windows often feature multiple lites, or panes of glass, separated horizontally by mullions and vertically by muntons. These window styles complement historic homes in the South and are an excellent choice for bringing a classic look to newer constructions.

Double-hung windows, which have two vertically sliding sashes, are popular with traditional homeowners in Lafayette, Louisiana. They offer a timeless design that works well with many architectural styles and provide exceptional ventilation, which is crucial for the humid climate of our region.

Contemporary homeowners prefer clean lines and simplicity, making them ideal candidates for replacements with casement or sliding windows. Many brands also provide double and triple pane energy-efficient options for a comfortable home all year round.

Single Hung

Single hung windows are a popular choice for homeowners seeking a cost-efficient and classic window style. With a stationary upper sash and movable lower sash, this window type provides efficient ventilation for any space in your home while retaining a classic look that complements almost any architectural design.

They also take up less space than other window types that swing outward, making them suitable for spaces where exterior features, like walkways or patios, might block the opening of an outward-opening window. However, they may not offer as much ventilation as other window styles that open and close horizontally, such as casement windows or awning windows.

They are available in a wide variety of materials, colors, and finishes that can be customized to match your home’s aesthetic. Typically, they feature fiberglass frames that are resistant to warping and rot and have double-pane or triple-pane glass for increased insulation.


When it comes to enhancing your home’s curb appeal and boosting energy efficiency, new windows play an important role. However, making the right window replacement decisions can feel daunting at times. Choosing a qualified local contractor can help ease the burden. Look for a provider with experience in Scott, LA.

Decorative window styles provide the perfect complement to Craftsman and Colonial-style homes. These designs feature divided window panes and detailed grid patterns, preserving the historical authenticity of your house. Decorative windows are available in wood and vinyl to match your home’s aesthetic.

Contemporary homes demand a tailored approach for exterior renovations. Large custom windows and sleek materials fit the bill perfectly. These features create an open ambiance and allow natural light to flood your living space.

Double/Triple Pane

Whether you choose bay or bow windows, this window type makes a statement and adds value to your home. Double and triple panes are incredibly durable and help to keep your home safe from intruders. They also protect against damage from wayward baseballs, tree limbs, and other items.

These windows are made up of three glass panels separated by an insulating spacer and filled with inert gases like argon or krypton. They’re a popular choice for Scott homeowners who want to improve energy efficiency and reduce their home energy costs.

However, they don’t offer a significant boost in energy savings and can lose light transmission with age. They’re also more expensive than double pane windows. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of triple pane windows before investing in them.


When it comes to window replacement Scott LA, a skilled provider understands that homeowners are looking for both aesthetics and functionality. That’s why they offer a selection of glass window styles to complement your home and lifestyle.

Bay and bow windows are designed to connect your living space with the surrounding natural beauty. Their curved shape extends outward from the wall, creating wide-open views and letting in ample sunlight.

If you prefer a sleek and modern look, sliding windows are a great choice for your window replacement. These windows feature horizontally sliding panes that slide open to let in fresh air and enjoy the view. They’re also available with reinforced locks for extra protection from intruders. For even more security, choose laminated glass for added strength and safety.