Casement Windows in Scott LA

Unlike double-hung and sliding windows that open vertically, casement windows hinge on the left or right side and operate with a crank handle. This allows them to open wide for unobstructed views and enhanced ventilation.

Featuring high-performance Low-E glass, these windows reduce energy costs by regulating indoor temperatures. They also protect your furniture and flooring from UV damage.


If you have a stunning view of the outdoors that you want to enjoy from your home, casement windows provide unobstructed views thanks to their wide open panes. They also lack the grid lines found on double-hung windows and offer a sleek, contemporary appearance. They are available in single and double windows.

They are hinged on one side and open like a door using a crank handle. They can be opened to a full 90 degrees, offering maximum ventilation. They are long-lasting and easy to clean. They complement any architectural style, both traditional and contemporary.

They do require proper clearance to open, so keep in mind that when fully extended they could block exterior walkways or interfere with the operation of your house’s doors and shutters. Additionally, if you have shrubs and bushes near your window, they may need regular pruning to allow for adequate opening. This is why it’s recommended that you have a professional install them for you.


When casement windows are open, they allow for a wide range of airflow. This makes them an excellent choice for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms that require frequent ventilation. Their opening angle of up to 90 degrees also allows them to catch breezes more easily, offering increased efficiency compared to other window types that open vertically.

Aside from their functional benefits, our Acclaim(tm) casement windows feature a simplistic design that suits modern homes. You can customize them with divided lites to enhance the look of your home, or choose a classic grille pattern for a more traditional aesthetic.

As an extra measure of energy efficiency, our casement windows feature double-pane glass and low-E coatings that reduce your home’s thermal transfer. Additionally, the sash presses tightly against the frame when closed, eliminating air leaks and drafts. This feature, combined with an insulated frame, can help you save on energy costs.


Unlike double-hung or sliding windows, casement windows open and close like doors, using a crank handle to operate. This makes them easy for seniors and people with mobility issues to use and opens up areas that are hard to reach, such as over sinks and counter spaces.

These hinged windows can also make it difficult for burglars to break into a home. They are difficult to breach because the window sash doesn’t protrude as much as hung or sliding window sashes. In addition, these windows close flush against the frame and are firmly secured with a lock.

To ensure these windows are properly installed, homeowners should seek experienced and reputable contractors who are trained to work with specific window brands. This will help guarantee that the installation is done right and that the window will perform optimally.


Casement windows hinge on one side and open outward like doors, usually operated with a hand crank. They offer unobstructed views and excellent ventilation, and can be sized to accommodate most architectural styles.

When closed, the window sash presses firmly against the frame, creating a strong seal. This prevents the penetration of cold air during temperate seasons and significantly lowers your energy bills.

You can also angle the window sash to catch breezes, improving air circulation throughout your home. This feature is great for homes in climates that experience seasons of inclement weather.

While casement windows typically represent a simplistic modern style, they can be customized with divided lites to match cottage-style homes or new houses that emulate older styles. They also pair well with picture windows, whose simple design showcases outside views without obstructing them as much as double-hung or sliding window sashes do. Additionally, homeowners with limited mobility often prefer this type of window because they can be opened and closed with a single crank handle.