Superior Hardwood Doors in a Variety of Styles

Door style plays a bigger role than most homeowners realize in the way that a home looks. That’s why Superior offers an extensive selection of interior and exterior doors, including some with premium authentic hardwoods that are sure to add jaw-dropping detail to your home.

The company’s doors include a range of styles, from one-panel to four-panel. Each design is distinct and can make your home feel unique.


Whether you’re building your new dream home or just replacing interior doors, choosing the right style can make a huge difference. Panel doors feature square or rectangular patterns with varying sizes and styles, including rounded tops and decorative glass inserts.

Masonite interior wood doors are available in a variety of wood species, panel designs and sizes to match any taste. Their versatility makes them ideal for homes of any style.


Two-panel doors are a clean and simple choice that complements nearly any style. They work well in traditional homes and are especially compatible with craftsman styles. This type of door comes in a range of heights and widths that fit various areas in the home.

Whether you’re building or remodeling, your interior doors make a huge impact on the look of your home. Choose from hinged panel, flush, bi-fold and French doors to find the right option for your space.


Whether you’re building a new home or replacing existing interior doors, the style of your door will make a dramatic impression. There are a variety of options for your new interior doors including flush, bifold, French, sliding and pocket. Masonite interior wood doors are available in a wide range of natural wood species, panel designs and sizes. This classic, timeless style is compatible with a variety of home styles.


The Victorian period saw the popularity of four-panel doors reach its peak. These doors feature solid areas that are flanked by louvered sections and are available with or without raised mouldings.

Stylish panelled options are also available for patio doors to help open up your home and bring in more light and views of the outdoors. These doors also come in sliding and in-swing configurations. They are perfect for areas meant to put a room on display, like music rooms and home offices.


You’ve seen bifold doors used to elevate commercial spaces, such as glass-paneled walls in hotel ballrooms and fusion restaurant patios that open to bring in fresh air and more outdoor space. But they also elevate residential spaces by adding visual interest, functionality and elegance to closets, pantries, and room dividers.

When it comes to purchasing bifold doors, it’s important to understand the difference between ‘Nominal Size’ and ‘Actual Size.’ The latter is the actual dimensions of the door, while the former accounts for installation allowances.


Rustica’s 6 Panel Colonial Door Series is the perfect fit for historic colonial style homes. These doors are designed with symmetry, clean lines, and a centered door in mind.

They feature recessed panels in equal sizes and are framed by wooden stiles. They can be customized by choosing your preferred wood species, stain/finish, and texture.

The Saltbox and Georgian colonial styles are both symmetrical, two- to three-story homes with a central door and windows on both sides. The Georgian style is more elaborate than the saltbox design.

Narrow Lite

Nothing brings more warmth and sophistication to your home than the natural beauty of real wood. Crafted to a wide variety of styles and backed by a 1-year limited warranty, these doors can be curated with a choice of wood species, panel designs and glass designs that complement any style of architecture from modern to craftsman. These doors come with energy efficiency rated glazing to help reduce your heating and cooling costs.


Prairie style homes, popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright around the turn of the twentieth century, emphasize horizontal lines that mirror flat Midwest landscapes. They also value natural organic materials and open floor plans that integrate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Unlike previous architectural styles, Prairie-style houses avoid unnecessary ornamentation. Marvin windows like awning windows, which hinge at the top, can help accentuate the horizontal line of a home. They can also be paired with picture windows to maximize your view from inside your home.