Types of Residential Windows

Residential windows Scott LA

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Look for a local provider that has long-established experience. An experienced contractor will better understand Lafayette’s climate and local homeowner preferences. Ask for references from past customers to verify that the provider delivers quality results.

Awning Windows

Unlike other window types, awning windows have hinges at the top and open outward. This allows them to provide ventilation while protecting against rain and direct sunlight. They are ideal for smaller spaces in your home.

They can be used alone or paired with picture windows to add architectural diversity to your residence. They can also be placed above or below other windows to maximize the available space for ventilation in a room with limited wall space.

When shopping for awning windows, be sure to choose a reputable brand that offers options in both wood and vinyl. It is also important to consider your maintenance capabilities as well as your climate. You can even find awning windows with triple-pane glass that improves energy efficiency while helping you save on utility bills.

Sliding Windows

Often referred to as “gliding windows,” sliding windows offer a sleek and contemporary look that blends in with a variety of architectural styles. They also provide a wide expanse of unobstructed views, making them ideal for Scott homes that want to enjoy expansive natural light and views of the outdoors.

Sliding windows are available with single or dual movable panes that slide horizontally, giving you full ventilation and a view of the outside from inside your home. Clad-wood sliders combine a wood interior with protective exterior cladding for a beautiful yet durable window that can resist moisture.

Since they have fewer mechanical parts than other windows, sliding windows are budget-friendly to install and maintain. They are also easy to open, and you can pull the sashes out for cleaning.

Casement Windows

With their outward-opening design, casement windows are ideal for enhancing the ventilation of rooms in your home. They also provide unobstructed views of the outdoors and maximize natural light.

For enhanced security, casement windows feature hook-shaped locks embedded within the frame and are more difficult to tamper with from the outside. This ensures your family’s safety and provides peace of mind when it comes to your home’s security.

Additionally, casement windows create a tight seal to reduce air leakage and minimize drafts, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also offer energy efficiency with double and triple pane options that include argon gas between window glass to help lower your energy bills.

Bay Windows

Bay windows offer a stunning, panoramic view and additional space inside your home. Their unique shape protrudes outward past the wall of your home, creating an alcove that can be used for different purposes like a cozy reading nook or a shelf to display decorative items. These windows also let in ample natural light, enhancing ventilation.

Choose a window company that is NFRC certified to be assured of quality. This certification ensures that the window you are buying meets all national standards regarding energy efficiency. Other features to look for include reinforced locks and impact-resistant glass. Reinforced locks are made of multiple layers bonded together, making it difficult for intruders to break them. Impact-resistant glass protects the inside of your home from the glare of sunlight and heat, reducing your electricity bills over time.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are similar to bay windows, but they tend to be more curved and offer additional customization potential. They also project more out into your home’s exterior, adding dimension and boosting curb appeal.

A bowed window is the perfect place to add a cozy window seat, allowing you to enjoy the scenery outside your Scott LA home with a cup of coffee or a good book. A nook also allows natural light to flood your space and makes rooms feel larger.

SoftLite bow windows have a heavy-duty cable-hanging system that prevents possible sagging over time. They also come in a variety of glass options, including high heating and cooling efficiency and visible light transmittance. This helps you reduce your energy bills while improving the quality of your indoor air.