Window Styles For Your Home

Whether it’s high energy bills or drafty, outdated windows can detract from your home’s curb appeal. Choose a window installer that specializes in the style of your home to ensure good results and a positive experience.

For homeowners seeking a classic look, wood windows remain a timeless option. They offer warmth and flexibility and can be stained or painted to match any aesthetic.


Window installation providers offer a wide range of traditional styles. The single hung window is an affordable option that features a stationary top and movable bottom sash, making it simple for Scott LA homeowners to adjust their home’s air flow.

Wood windows lend a classic, timeless aesthetic to traditional homes. Many of these types of windows feature patterns of small panes separated horizontally by mullions and vertically by muntons.

Some manufacturers also offer impact-resistant glass, which is ideal for homes in areas prone to harsh weather conditions. Energy-efficient options include double and triple pane windows that contain spaces filled with argon gas, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs.

Single Hung

This classic window type is a popular option for homes that lean toward the more traditional aesthetic. They’re easy to customize with fiberglass, vinyl, and wood frames and feature a variety of energy-efficient glass options.

Unlike double-hung windows, single hung windows only have one movable sash, meaning there are fewer spots for air to leak inside or conditioned air to escape your home. Nevertheless, they’re still fairly energy efficient when paired with an insulated window frame and glass. This makes them a solid choice for many homeowners, especially those living on an upper floor of their home.


For those who want to keep the historical charm of their historic homes, Vintage Window is a great option. These windows come in a variety of styles and materials, including wood and energy-efficient glass. They are designed to look like traditional sash windows, and they provide excellent ventilation.

Early Gothic: This style includes overlapping arcs that resemble flower petals or an organic complex shape. It is found in Northern France and Gothic Italy and in some Romanesque Revival buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Renaissance: This is the time that architects started adding more detail to rose windows and also used different types of patterned tracery such as the zodiac symbol.


If you prefer a window that opens wide to let in the breeze, consider casement windows. Hinged along the left or right sides, they open outward with a crank handle and offer unobstructed views.

Like door-like picture windows, they can be positioned in any area of the home. However, they work best in areas where their movement is not blocked by exterior objects such as bushes.

They are easy to clean and highly secure. Their top-to-bottom opening also offers exceptional ventilation, a perfect choice for kitchens or bathrooms. They lack dividing sashes to obstruct your view of the outdoors, making them ideal for bringing in sunshine and enhancing curb appeal.


Sliding windows feature panes that slide horizontally, unlike double hung windows that open vertically. These window types allow plenty of natural light and unobstructed views, while their simple operation makes them a smart choice for spaces with limited access or tighter corners.

Enhanced energy efficiency. Including triple-pane glass with spaces filled with insulating gas, these windows help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce your energy costs year-round.

XTEN Architecture used Vitrocsa’s TH+ slider windows in their hillside home overlooking Los Angeles to separate living and sleeping areas and highlight the panoramic view. Check out the full project on Dezeen.

Bay & Bow

From a visual perspective, bay and bow windows offer a stunning upgrade to your home without the need to add a new room or wing. Typically, these window styles incorporate picture, sliding and double-hung windows into one design element that juts out from your wall.

They come in various shapes and sizes and can include a reading nook or other functional space. Bay and bow windows are a beautiful addition to any style of home and provide many dreamed-about benefits, including unmatched wide-angle views.

Bay windows have angular lines and consist of a large picture window with two smaller operable windows on either side. By contrast, bow windows are curved and contain four to six window sections of equal size.