Door Styles for Your Home

Door styles play a more prominent role in your home than you may think. They can accentuate or detract from your interior and exterior design. That’s why Superior offers a wide range of interior and exterior doors. From classic designs to premium authentic hardwoods, our doors are made with beauty and durability in mind.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a great way to add space and value to your home. Featuring a central fixed window and two side casement or double-hung windows, they create a spacious nook where you can relax with a book or enjoy the view.

You can also make a stylish impact with your window dressings. Kristin Patrician of Dwelling Envy suggests using custom furnishings like a built-in dining bench or window seat to frame the beautiful view, then fill the space with cushions and decorative pillows for a cozy reading nook.

This design feature is particularly popular in homes that overlook a scenic lake or golf course, and it’s also a great choice for homeowners who want to enjoy dinner with a view year-round. Reinforced locks are a smart upgrade for bay windows, too, as they’re designed to resist forceful entry attempts.

Bow Windows

Bow windows have a similar look to bay windows, but are more subtle in style. This window type features four to six gently angled windows and offers multiple design options.

They’re a great choice for larger homes and add dimension to interior spaces, as well as letting in more natural light. They can also work with different home styles, working beautifully with both modern and older houses.

Like bay windows, bow windows create a spacious and panoramic view of the outdoors and can be a stunning focal point. They can also feature a seat, adding to the comfort of your family home. Just remember to clean the windows regularly and grease hardware to prevent sticking and squeaking.

French Doors

Originally called porte-fenetre, meaning door window, French Doors let light flood a room and create a symmetrical opening that’s wider than a sliding patio door. They’re also the perfect way to transition between rooms, linking interior and exterior spaces.

The look of your French Door ideas depends on the number and type of lites, their color, frame material, and design details. For example, doors with 15 divided lights signal traditional style, while leaded glass with stylized floral patterns suits Queen Anne architecture. Doors with diamond grids look like they came from a manor-house and pair well with dark stains.

The wide range of possibilities means you can find French Doors that match the style of any home. You can also choose inward- or outward-swinging options, and add Low-E glass for improved energy efficiency.

Sliding Glass Doors

One of the most stylish and beneficial adaptations homeowners make to their living spaces is adding glass sliding doors. These doors offer unobstructed views, while providing more natural light than traditional swinging wood doors.

Sliding glass doors have a minimalist appeal that works well in contemporary homes. Frosted glass set in sleek frames gives your living room a clean, modern look. If you prefer a more casual style, opt for translucent glass framed in rich color to complement the rest of your décor.

Window treatments for sliding glass doors can be valances or simple window blinds that won’t interfere with door function. Mount them high enough above the frame so that their hems don’t brush heads passing by, and keep them close to the ceiling for a cleaner look.

French Entry Doors

French doors are a traditional style that add grace and light to any home. Usually fitted as a pair of double in-swinging doors, they can be enhanced with sidelites and transom windows to let even more natural light into your living spaces.

Traditional French doors have several panes of glass set together within the frame and divided by strips called muntins. Newer types of French door create the same effect with fewer parts. Both styles are ENERGY STAR®-qualified.

Whether you want to create a grand entrance or connect your home with a patio or walk-out basement, ProVia’s customizable options and wide range of finishes, glazing and grids make it easy to find the perfect fit. Choose a durable fiberglass or steel door with a woodgrain finish for a classic look or a smooth surface for a modern aesthetic.