How Entry Doors Can Impact Your Home’s Style and Functionality

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An entry door can have a major impact on a home’s style and functionality. If the door is old or damaged, it can give a property a drab appearance. It also needs to be able to withstand the elements.

Creaking doors often indicate worn hinges and moisture damage. Lubricant can temporarily fix this, but if the door is still creaking it may be time to replace it.


The materials used to make an entry door can impact its durability. For instance, steel is more resistant to damage than wood. In addition, wood absorbs heat and is a poor insulator, but special woodgrain fiberglass entry doors replicate the appearance of cedar, mahogany, or oak while insulate four times as well as real wood.

Fiberglass entry doors are also rot-resistant. Their composite framing helps to keep moisture away from the interior and exterior of your door. They also prevent swelling and cracking of the frame. Rustic fiberglass entry doors complement American Southwest or Mediterranean-style homes with a classic Cherry grain while Craftsman fiberglass entry doors feature clean lines and panel detailing for Mission, Bungalow or Transitional architecture.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re concerned about the impact of a new front door on your energy bills, choose one that’s made from an energy-efficient material. Steel and fiberglass doors are among the most energy efficient, due to their thick insulated cores. These materials block outside heat and cold transfer, wind, and outdoor noise. They also have thermal breaks that separate the inside and outside skins of the door. This prevents frost from forming on the inside and outside of the door. In addition, you can get the beauty of wood without its poor insulating properties with special woodgrain fiberglass doors that look just like cedar or mahogany but insulate four times better.

Choosing the right entry door will pay off in smoother operation, less maintenance and added energy savings.