Door Styles Scott LA

Door styles Scott LA

Door styles Scott LA play a more important role in the overall look and function of a home than most people realize. That’s why our team carries options to suit any aesthetic. From simple wood composites to premium authentic hardwoods, you’ll find doors designed for beauty and durability. The secret to their success lies with La Puerta Originals founder Scott Coleman and his antique trove of doors.

Prairie-Style Grilles

Window grilles, also known as grids, come in a variety of patterns and designs that complement specific home styles. Whether you want to further a traditional or contemporary look, you can achieve the design aesthetic you’re looking for with a selection of window grille options from Renewal by Andersen.

Prairie–Prairie grilles are a popular option for farmhouse-style homes because they have straight lines and simple designs. This pattern uses a grid to divide a window, with small square panes or light in each corner “framing” an oversized central light. This style works well for casement-style windows that offer unobstructed views.

Alternatively, a modified prairie grille has fewer small panes or lights in each corner of the window, providing a more minimalist design. This option is ideal for modern ranch and rambler homes because it provides an unobstructed viewing area. For added visual interest, consider using a simulated double-hung with a prairie-style grille. These grilles are encapsulated between two panes of glass, simplifying maintenance for homeowners.

Colonial Grilles

Window grilles, also known as muntins, are available in a wide variety of patterns. Some styles are strongly associated with certain home styles and are often used to evoke historical or modern aesthetics.

Colonial window grilles are one of the most common patterns. They have symmetrical squares or rectangles and are usually found in double-hung windows. They complement the traditional lines of Cape Cod and colonial homes, especially when paired with other details like a bay window or gingerbread trim.

Other patterns include prairie-style, which has overlapping lines that create a grid pattern on the edges of glass. This allows for more unobstructed light and fits perfectly with Prairie-style homes.

Craftsman window grilles feature a simpler style and are typically only on the top sash of a double-hung window. They match well with brick houses or homes with historic elements and are a great choice for contemporary homes that want to keep their look clean.